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Scroll Up Media is a marketing agency that uses AI to deliver effective marketing services to businesses.

We help companies optimize their marketing and advertising processes, and grow their business using data-driven campaigns to reach new markets.

The details

“Working with Scroll Up Media was such an amazing improvement. They helped us to take our marketing ideas further with real results."


PPC (Pay per Click)

We help businesses achieve their marketing goals by driving traffic to their website, increasing brand visibility, and generating leads and sales. With keyword research, we identify the most relevant and profitable keywords for your target business audience.

Our ad creation is smartly written with visual designs that engage potential customers. Scroll Up Media PPC specialists have experience managing campaigns small and large, from simple conversion goals to competitive spaces; we make adjustments, monitor performance, and optimize your ads to ensure max ROI.

As an agency driven by our experiences and AI, we believe in transparency when it comes to the performance of your PPC campaigns. Scroll Up Media provides real-time reporting on campaign performance, using data and analytics to identify areas for improvement.


Social Media

Scroll Up Media understands social media and how it affects society and people’s purchasing decisions. We help businesses promote their brand, products, or services through social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, and TikTok.

Our agency establishes a strong social media presence that engages your target audience and increases brand awareness and engagement while protecting your online reputation.

Social media strategy and content creation while staying on top of trends that change in real-time can be difficult or time-wasting for any business. Scroll Up Media leverages the power of creativity and AI to create social experiences that visually engage the user and execute messaging crafted toward your business goals.



We make websites that are user-friendly and visually striking. Scroll Up Media works as a team, our designers are in the know of our data researchers and content creators. They understand your business and have the experience and expertise to deliver a unique website experience.

From design mock-ups to development, we create custom websites and optimize them for search engines and target audiences. Our award-winning designers have developed websites for a wide range of industries and businesses such as e-commerce, art galleries, finance, real estate, nonprofits, and small businesses.



We use AI-powered tools and technologies to help us analyze and understand consumer behavior, identify target audiences, and optimize content for maximum impact.

Our content creators develop high-quality engaging content that resonates with target audiences. We work with businesses of all sizes and across various industries to create and execute social media marketing strategies that are tailored to each client's unique needs and goals.



Scroll Up Media focuses on developing and promoting a brand’s image and identity in the marketplace. We work closely with our clients to create a unique and cohesive brand identity that reflects the company’s values, products, and services.

This involves brand design such as logo, color scheme, typography, and other visual elements that represent the brand. Messaging, experience, and measuring the success and reach of a company’s brand.

Simple pricing

Pick what you want for your business, change anytime.

What services do you want?


(Pay per click for Google, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin, Hulu, etc)

999-3,000 dependent on ad budget

A: $1,000/mo - under 5k ad budget

B: $2,000/mo - up to 10k ad budget

C: $3,000/mo - up to 20k ad budget

D: Custom pricing for larger ad budgets

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Social Media

1500 to 2500 month

A: $1500/mo - 12 image posts/mo, page monitoring

B: $2500/mo - 6 image posts, 4 video posts/mo, page monitoring

C: $3500/mo, 12 image posts, 6 video posts/mo, page monitoring

Add-on feature:

Social Listening reporting $20/mo

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Web Design & Development

Custom pricing

This is a general range to give you a price range but contact us to discuss your project needs & get an exact quote based on your specific requirements.


1 Landing page: $2k


2-5 pages: $3-$8k


6-9 pages: $9k-$12k

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SEO Optimization $500/mo


Blog Posting $300/mo


Landing Pages and Forms $600 per page

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Rebranding $2000


Brand Strategy $3000

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CRM/AI Management


Set Up Management $3000


Funnel Creation


AI Bot Creation


AI Management

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Meetings & Communication

How many meetings per month do you want to have with us?





Forms of Communication





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Custom pricing


1 real-time reporting dashboard


2 review analysis


3 monthly reports

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We believe in making life-long connections through great communication.

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Why Scroll Up Media?

Scroll Up Media believes in transparency, cost-efficiency, and results-driven marketing. We don't believe in vague marketing reports or ill-prepared campaigns.  You'll get real results with us.

How do you work with clients?

We understand our clients are busy and so are we! Communication is key to marketing success and we believe in substantive meetings with our clients and listening actively to their needs.

What are the benefits of (SUM)?

We are digital marketing experts who love new technology and understand our clients needs. We'll put our creative and analytical minds together to deliver a real ROI for your business.

Is digital marketing expensive?

It can be! That's why Scroll Up Media focuses on marketing initiatives that bring the most ROI to your business.  We are not here to waste funds on ineffective marketing.

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